Looking for an Alternative to VBA Development?

For many developers, Visual Basic and access development was the leading development environment. Leveraging the simplicity of the popular Basic programming language, Visual Basic offered an environment where those without formal software engineering skills could succeed. By providing a more visual way of creating graphical user interfaces, Visual Basic allowed developers to build applications using tools palettes and screen views of the application, writing specific code only for specific functional needs. VB development became the primary environment for millions of developers, and the language and IDE expanded and improved throughout the ‘90s. But with the introduction of the .NET platform, Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue support for Visual Basic, and retire the product in 2008. For millions of developers this represents a serious loss, and many are seeking alternatives that retain the strengths of Visual Basic and even improving on the product. For developers seeking the most robust alternative to VB development, Progress Software has the answer.

We are skilled at creating graphical user interfaces. We build applications using tool palettes and screen views of the application, writing specific code only for specific functional needs, VB development became the primary environment for us , and the language and IED expanded and improved throughout. But with the introduction of .NET platform, we announced plans to discontinue support for visual basic. But for Some of our clients are still maintaining this platform.

Progress Software Delivers Exceptional VB Development Alternative

Progress® OpenEdge® provides a leading business application platform that simplifies the deployment, integration and management of critical business applications, and offers a superior alternative to VB development. OpenEdge provides the infrastructure and tools that developers need to manage and support business applications through their entire life cycle. High productivity tools and an Eclipse-based integrated development environment help to increase the speed with which applications can be created and deployed. And a single unified environment lets developers build Web-based, client-server, or distributed applications in addition to creating XML, Java-based messaging, Web services and integrating Java and .NET clients – much more than VB allows. And because OpenEdge simplifies the capture and reuse of business logic, developers can stop worrying about the underlying technology and focus on their expertise.

OpenEdge Surpasses VB with Advanced Development Tools

Progress OpenEdge features an innovative toolset that provides more functionality than VB development:

  • The OpenEdge Advanced Business Language has been specifically developed to express business processes in the most efficient way possible.
  • An architected, component based approach lets developers swiftly assemble modules of business rules, while code generators use the same business logic and automatically create Web services or integrate Java and .NET.
  • Live application servers let developers save time by testing their work immediately.

In addition to alternatives to visual basic development, Progress Software provides application infrastructure software, business integration applications, and web client solutions.

Our developers can experienced at Visual Basic applications, Access application development to precede a long drive relationship with our clients. We are experienced in the following areas.

  • Report Generation
  • Crystal reports
  • ActiveX Control Creations
  • Build Robust Windows-based Applications
  • Resolve Deployment and Versioning Issues Seamlessly
  • Create Web Applications with a Zero Learning Curve

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