Web Design Services

Undoubtedly, now a days, the NET is the most important SOURCE available to ensure effective communication all over the world with the customers. A professional website design plays the important role of the company's sales force, delivery system, storefront, customer support and service program all these combined role at a unique go.

Considering the strategically important role of the website, it is important that every organization/ company / individual / community should possess a website.

Mythrii is a professional website design company specializing in providing quality website design services to its clients. The websites developed by us provide an opportunity to our clients to expand their business levels, expand their markets and become a globally known organization. Our Experts concentrate on the core concept of client’s business strategy and provide them a website that satisfies the requirements given by them.

We develop websites that feature very well on search engine results, while at the same time use professional graphics to attract new business. The websites producted by us reflect and compliment the company image and act as a virtual show room, which clearly showcase the services rendered and products offered by our clients.

The expertise of our professionals and the extent of our technical resources and infrastructure, places us at far ahead of our competitors.

Why do you need to Outsource Website Design to Us?

Outsourcing will enable you to focus on broader business issues while having the website and web presence related issues managed by us.

Moreover, by outsourcing the website design activities of your business to low cost countries, the total costs incurred will be reduced by at least 50%. This will improve your competitiveness; enhance your earnings and acts as catalysts in growing your business.

Outsourcing website design to us will enable you to expand to more markets without the need to expand resources and workforce.

Some of our Web Design services are

  • Custom Website Design
  • Website Re-Design
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Logo Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Flash Animation

Custom web design

We have designed and developed many Customized Websites for a global list of clients- both big and small. We pay prime attention to our clients specifications and have consistently delivered tailor-made websites that fuse great designs with smooth functionality. Each client web site is designed as a unique project, and is tailored to your business requirements. We will create a web site for you that is consistent with the look and feel of your business strategy. Dynamic appeal and easy navigation are our major goals.

Website Re-design

A poorly designed website can negate the credibility of your business / organization, and the quality of your products or services. If you think that your existing site looks old, obsolete and poorly designed, we would be more than happy to evaluate it!. We analyze the latest trend market appeal to make you unique from others.

E-commerce Solutions

Our Design enables clients to cost-effectively deploy powerful e-commerce stores while avoiding the expensive, time-consuming development process. We create many types of solutions to fit a variety of E-Commerce needs. We start by carefully analyzing your needs to help us create the perfect online solution for your business.

Website Maintenance

At Mythrii Website maintenance includes revising, editing, redesigning or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. We maintain your current website at a reasonable cost, and we assume that you will want to revise some or all of your web pages overtime.Creating a website can be easy compared to maintaining it. Over the years that we have been developing websites we have discovered that maintaining a site can require more money that developing it.

Search Engine Submissions

We provide basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that will help get your web site noticed. When we design a web site, we work on its optimization from the very beginning so you can get started on the right foot. We make it clean and green for the bots to recognize in the net world. We do all basic Optimization needed for the site and give a cleaner look for to maintain the site for submission ready and also submit the site to the best search engines, and post articles on related forums / blogs / community groups…

Flash Animations

Without a doubt, Macromedia FlashCS3 is the best way to deliver multimedia content to users of your website. It enables your website users to interact with rich media elements including audio and video over normal internet connections. It’s a powerful start up tool to do animation in web either presentations or websites. We have a longstanding experience in creating top quality products which vary from simple Flash animation presentations, banners, Flash animated logo design, Flash logo design and Intro pages up to complete sophisticated Flash web site design services. We developed dozens of such projects, including Flash animated logo design and never considered them complete until the customer was entirely satisfied with the outcome.

we provide cutting edge websites with effective mix of audio and visual information. Also a robust website can be used to peruse the website. Like all new technologies, the crucial ingredient in leveraging Flash for your business is having the knowledge of when and how it should be applied.

It enables developers and customers to enjoy the complete freedom of creation, creates a favorable impact on visitors and enhances your message.

If you have a product or company that you want to demonstrate a Flash presentation is an effective way to fulfill it. With experts in this field you will use the true power of Flash reinforcing the impression that your site creates. Whatever solutions you choose a flash introduction, a web presentation or flash multimedia it will add attractiveness and dynamics to your project. Our flash presentations can be integrated into your current website or burned on to a CD-ROM for your business needs.

Striking full-color Flash animated logo designs impress ones imagination by exciting visual effects and, what is more, do not demand much drive space.

CMS integration / 3rd party Design Integration

Our Designers are capable of integrating all types of open source content management systems,

Web-based administration panels, full life-cycle of content creation and publishing, single-sourcing distribution, mash-ups, content approvals and go-live authorization

Our open source software integration service will help you take a full advantage of collaborative software development which makes open-source software more flexible, stable and cost-effective than commercial products. The aim of our developers for open source software integration services is to help small to medium-sized companies get the maximum return on software investment allowing them to cut costs, speed up development process and improve performance.

However, integration of OSS requires expert knowledge in the open source software market, as well as significant experience in software development and maintenance. Here is where our team can help you out. Guided with a wide expertise in OSS and an advanced skill set, we provide:

  • OSS integration consulting
  • OSS integration
  • migration to OSS
  • maintenance and support

Do you need a flexible, customizable software product to meet your requirements in today’s rapidly changing business environment? Do you want to use the latest IT solutions without spending a fortune? Would you like to get better quality software at a lower cost? A “yes” to these questions means that you’ve come to the right place.

We can integrate any CMS, but mostly best OSS CMS we use are

Why Mythrii
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  • Our Developers understand your business
  • Solutions:.NET, LAMP, ASP, Ajax, CMS, Flash
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  • Seeking new technologies at every step
  • We are open in all our conversations.
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